Spalding Links

Because the team at Drive By Websites is passionate about people buying local, we’ve created a website called Spalding Links –

Spalding Links

Shoppers in South Holland can now support the local economy and Buy Local.

Spalding Links is a free online buy local opportunity aimed at promoting “local to Spalding” independent businesses. Visitors to the site can browse an eclectic mix of business categories covering everything from “Hair & Beauty” to “Agriculture” to “Training”.

To keep the site nice and tidy and “buy local” friendly, the team at Drive By Websites will be adding local businesses to the site.  All we need is:

  • Contact name
  • Address of business if applicable
  • Tel number (landline and mobile)
  • Email address
  • Web Address
  • A couple of sentences describing your business
  • A copy of your logo – any format will do

If it makes things easier for you, we can always take the above information from your website.

By visiting the site, you will see that Spalding Links includes local events, job opportunities, deals & discounts, hints and tips written by local businesses covering a wide-range of topics such as money matters, health & beauty, vets & pets, legal advice etc. Maybe you would like to get involved by writing articles or sharing some hints and tips about your particular business –  By the way, this is also a free service.

Collectively, Spalding Links will, over time, become a community based platform that will make a change by encouraging people to “Buy Local” from businesses they had never previously known existed, creating more opportunity for our local community to grow.

As previously mentioned, Spalding Links is a free service – all we ask is that you “Like Us” on Facebook and spread the word.

For more information, please call us on 01775 761512.