Facebook For Business

Facebook For BusinessFacebook has an estimated 1.2 Billion active users

To put that into perspective, there’s about 7 billion people on Earth, so 17% of humans are on Facebook.

Overall there are 2.4 billion Internet users, which means 50% of all Internet users are on Facebook. Finally, if your socks have not already been blown off, 48% of all Facebook users log in every day!

Very simply, Facebook is a must have for businesses.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to reach larger audiences through Social Media, then you should try a few tricks that we have come across during our time using Facebook for business.

These post options are ranked in order of importance:

6. Long Post
5. Short Post – below 250 words (60% more engagement)
4. Question Post (100% more engagement)
3. Image (120% more engagement)
2. Image Gallery/Album (180% more engagement)
1. Contests & Offers (Makes up 42% of all Facebook followers & fans!)

So there you go. If you are going to use Facebook for business then keep this information aside. If you are thinking of starting a contest or offer, then connect with us at /drivebywebsites & /SpaldingLinks and we will help share and promote your business with our local followers.