Springfields Festival Gardens Mobile Friendly Website

What’s not to like when designing and developing a website which is about garden design. As the writer of this blog is a keen gardener, it’s been an absolute privilege to play a very small part in the process of designing and developing the mobile-friendly website for Springfields Festival Gardens – Springfields Festival GardensSpringfields Festival Gardens

The Festival Gardens were completely re-developed in 2004, in association with Springfields Horticultural Society which is a charity dedicated to the improvement and growth of horticulture and floral design in Spalding and the surrounding area.

The gardens are open all year round with free admission. Springfields Festival Gardens was first opened in 1966 to introduce the public, amateur gardeners and enthusiasts alike to a wide range of gardening skill sets.

There are also gardens designed by celebrities for you to enjoy:A Lifetime Ahead

  • A Lifetime Ahead by Kim Wilde – this garden offers a contemporary garden design combining a variety of planting styles including Exotic (which take advantage of our milder winters) and Mediterranean (able to deal with summer droughts) together with a bog garden, benefiting from our warmer but somewhat waterlogged winters.Jungle Garden
  • Jungle Island by Charlie Dimmock – with this garden design you enter a world of blooms and lush foliage, demonstrating how an exotic interest garden can be created using striking specimen plants from around the world. The garden uses bold, ‘architectural’ plants to create an array of exciting contrasts.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Springfields Festival Gardens in Spalding, Lincolnshire – Springfields Festival Gardens