British Breaktime Books

Drive By Websites has recently designed and built an online store on behalf of British Breaktime Books written by Serenity Crane.  Serenity’s wit, life experiences and creative panache have come together to write interesting and wonderfully complex tales. Serenity has stated that “The unexpected is assured and each book is completely different from the last.”

The Antelope & The Anatolian Shepherd DogThere will be 26 books in the series and you can now purchase Book 1 “The Antelope & The Anatolian Shepherd Dog”.  This tale is set in the far eastern terrain of Turkey and is based upon the war torn border region near Syria.  The main characters befriend one another ….  You will have to buy the book to read more by visiting

You don’t have to invest in a full monte e-commerce website if you have just a few products to sell, just like the owner of British Breaktime Books.   There is an alternative and much more affordable solution which is an online store. If you have a few products to sell, please feel free to give us a call on 01775 761512 for more information.