Ransomware – What You Need To Know

By now, you will likely be hearing a lot about ‘Ransomware’. Here’s what you need to know:

Ransomware is a cyber-attack that results in payment demands in return for access to your data. The malicious software (often included in an email) encrypts your information. They then threaten to block access to the files until a ransom is paid. The cost commonly ranges from £400 to £1,500 in bitcoin. These attacks are mostly waged against businesses, for obvious reasons

  • Back up your files to ensure you don’t lose any data.
  • Don’t open suspicious emails, websites or mobile apps. Hackers use these to transfer malicious software onto your computer or device.
  • Get antivirus protection. Antivirus programs can stop ransomware from being downloaded onto computers by scanning files for ransomware before downloading and scanning existing files.
  • Install updates/Auto update. programs are often updated to fix vulnerabilities that have been exploited to install malicious software. It is best practice to always download the newest version of your software as soon as you can, or enable an auto-update function.