Charity Website Built On Behalf of Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust

Drive By Websites was delighted to be awarded the contract to build the website on behalf of the Charity; Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust. The website we designed is a multi-page, mobile friendly brochure style website which also includes a Community Events Calendar and a News (blog) page –

There are two chapels at Holbeach Cemetery. One is Church of England and the other is Non-Conformist. Both were built in 1854. The chapels are surrounded by a six acre cemetery.  There are also some very fine monuments commemorating some of the area’s leading families and figures. Funding has been made available to refurbish the buildings and to find a use for the chapels to benefit the whole community.


A visit to Holbeach Cemetery Chapels will also reward you with views of some splendid architecture and a reminder in respect of how lives and death were celebrated and dignified by our ancestors.


The work of the Charity relies on the support of volunteers.  The voluntary roles include:

  • Members of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee all working in a voluntary capacity
  • Volunteers who manage the administration and undertaking of the Holbeach Cemetery Research Group
  • Individual volunteers who help with one-off events such as the Heritage Open Day and/or The Great Big Community Textile Project
  • Volunteers who help with such things as event administration and fundraising

The Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust is funded by the Heritage Lottery, the Architectural Heritage Fund, Heritage Lincolnshire County Council and the Gedney Marsh Windcluster Fund.

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Website for residential care home in Holbeach, Lincolnshire

Drive By Websites has recently been busy in the design and build of a website on behalf of a residential care home in Holbeach, the Holbeach & East Elloe Hospital Trust –

Holbeach & East Elloe Trust

The Trust was formed in 1988 because South Lincolnshire Health Authority announced their intention to close the hospital.   Rather than face closure, the local community leaders got together and worked with the health authority to find a way to save the hospital from closure.

The hospital is now a registered charity (701458) and receives support from the local community, more especially from The League of Friends.  The League of Friends has a fund raising shop in Holbeach.

The Trust provides six beds which are available for use by local GPs. There are also an additional 33 nursing home beds.  Not only does the hospital offer residential care but nursing, respite and day care too.

If you would like to know more about the Trust or to make a donation, then please call 01406 422283.

We’ve had fun building this site and we’re delighted with the design which we think complements the branding perfectly.

Holbeach & East Elloe Hospital Trust Logo

If you would like more information in respect of website development or website design, then please free free to give us a call on 01775 761512 – you will find Drive By Websites and Drive By Design professional, affordable and easy to get along with.



Introducing Troops 2 Trades

It’s been a privilege and an absolute pleasure to have been awarded the contract to work in close association with a Community Interest Company (CIC) to design and build the Lincoln-based, Troops 2 Trades website –

Troops to Trades CIC has been established to give assistance and support to ALL uniformed service veterans and armed forces personnel to make the transition to civilian employment.  This transition assistance can either be at end of their service or during their rehabilitation having suffered illness or injury as a result of their service duty.

This transition period can be the most difficult time in the life of any ex-services person and their families with many failing to make the change successfully.  Many family breakups can be due to insecurity, lack of opportunity and not being able to support their family.

Veterans and their families can become isolated, lonely, insecure and lose their self-respect. The once proud service veterans see themselves as failures.

There’s an untapped resource of skilled plumbers, electricians, mechanics, accountants, project managers, drivers and computer savvy people available across the County of Lincolnshire.

T2T has been set up to aid uniformed veterans to job match their skills to enhance their opportunities. There are also opportunities available to those who are unable to work to a normal daily routine due to medication or infirmity, giving them back some respect, independence and security.

For more information please visit –

Lincs Neurological Alliance Charity Website

The team here at Drive By Websites is always ready to give a help in hand in respect of building a website on Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance logobehalf of charity organisations.   We were approached recently by a good friend of ours looking to raising awareness of the Lincolnshire Neurological Alliance – an association of people and voluntary organisations with an interest in people with such a condition.  It’s based in Lincolnshire –

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South Lincolnshire Blind Society Sponsorship

South Lincolnshire Blind SocietyDrive By Websites has recently taken on the mantle of South Lincolnshire Blind Society’s web master and we are delighted to announce that the feature-rich site has recently gone live.

Drive By Websites was looking for a Charity to sponsor and, for a variety of reasons, chose locally-based, South Lincolnshire Blind Society.

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