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Get Competitive on your Website Homepage

You probably already know that your website homepage gets the most views. That's why it is so fundamental to the success of your website. Making an impressive, speedy and competitive homepage might not be as tough as you think. We have made a few simple suggestions below to help you reimagine your homepage content.

Video captures interest immediately. You can use less than 10 seconds of footage to keep your bounce rate (the number of people quickly leaving the site) low and further boost your Google Ranking as a result. In addition, you can capture the surroundings of your organisation to show it in context to potential visitors.

Accordions are expandable content dropdowns. As demonstrated in this post! While this may appear to take valuable content away from customers immediate view, it actually improves usability. Consider the frequency of mobile searches and now the value of being able to condense any amount of text on mobile. When you use longer content, it is a good idea to make use of accordions.

Cloudflare offers a Content Delivery Network, with a host of other benefits. To put it plainly, your website content is available immediately to customers. This helps to reduce your website bounce rate. Additionally, Cloudflare helps protect your site against brute-force attacks and threats against your website at no extra cost.

You might wonder why blog content is so important on your homepage, if that is what a dedicated blog page is for. However, to be competitive, you have to be more up to date and relevant than your competitors. Your blog posts can feed relevant keywords and topics to a priority page of your website and organically increase traffic to your blog posts.

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