Ecommerce Website Design in Spalding

Unlike many companies, Drive By Websites use a mixture of platforms for Ecommerce website development. The size of the site usually determines the choice of platform. By not restricting ourselves to any one system we are better able to meet the needs of each client.

All of our developments meet the standards our clients have come to expect. Our criteria for an Ecommerce development includes:

  • Search engine friendly coding – so your products are found by search engines
  • User friendliness – to make your own updates
  • Competitive edge – such as sharing the same platform as companies like Nike, Olympus and Lindt
  • Integration into social media – even without having a presence of your own on social media, your website can do it for you with social media integration
  • Mobile friendliness – so your new website is as easy to use and view on all devices

Our service also includes:

  • One year’s secure UK hosting together
  • Second to none general and technical support for assistance, training and development
  • Daily off-server backups of MySQL database and filesystem
  • A content management system to easily make your own website updates
  • Update training
  • A user manual

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