Content Writing

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet”

Bill Gates was right when he wrote this in an article titled, ‘content is king’. Content is what drives the Internet and defines whether a website is worth ranking and by how much. Social networks, blogs, video hosting sites and search engines encourage us to produce and share content. As the dominant factor from which a site is ranked, nobody should underestimate the importance of good quality content writing above all else.

After many years working with clients on developing their website content, we now have a multitude of techniques when it comes to writing original content for clients sites.

For one, we keep our fingers on the pulse. Using tools such as Google’s freely available ‘Alerts’ software, we can keep up-to-date on any industry or product news. Using this, we write up content on the subject matter after accumulating various pieces of material to work from. By having a good understanding of Google’s criteria for ‘duplicate content’ (content copied from elsewhere) we can actually publish original material that outranks larger business publications.

In addition, because we write content for Google on a subject you request, all of our content comes ready search engine optimised. This involves:

  • Using origional or copyright free images backed up by proper meta information
  • Making sure we achieve the right Flesch reading ease score
  • Using a ‘Focus Keyword’
  • Appropriately linking to other resources on the web
  • Correctly writing a Google friendly snippet for attracting visitors from the search results page

If you would like more information on content writing for websites, blogs, social media or other mediums contact us.


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