WordPress Training

Remote One to One Training & Personal Support for WordPress

Whether you are just generally struggling with WordPress or you are looking for an entirely new direction in life, we can help. We provide SEO friendly UK based WordPress training remotely. The training also takes place over a timeframe that is incomparable to learning on the fly or taking a course. We train to your needs and we are here to support you in managing, creating and editing content thereafter.

Just getting started wordpress

Configuration and Installation Training

Small Business Fundamentals

Fast turnaround for business owners and aspiring freelancers

Full wordpress agency training

Buckle up, because there’s a lot to learn.

If you have been handed wordpress site with no training or you're thinking of sampling a new direction in life, we are here to provide a short introduction training session. Our introduction will cover some basic fundamentals of wordpress and SEO. What is there to lose?

We use this time to get to know you and better understand the direction your training would need to take. We use this insight to keep your training on track and avoid burning the clock with unnecessary training.

We hope you will be familiar with one of the following preferred options for conducting remote meetings and training:

  • Facetime
  • Zoom
  • Join.me
  • GoToMeeting
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • Whatsapp
  • Team Viewer
  • Teams


If you would prefer an alternative option, please let us know and to allow us to make any necessary preparations.

We provide team training in many organisations, local authorities, businesses and charities. Remote working has become better understood in recent times and we believe in this approach offers everyone their optimal training environment. This is because all the training takes place in the context of their own computer/browser using remote meeting software.

The collaborative capability of this software combined with the comfort of a familiar environment to learn in makes this option highly convenient. It is also worth noting this is a considerable saving in comparison to many on site training options. Forget about overnight expenses and travel because we only take training time into account.

We aim to provide unparalleled ongoing support for anybody undertaking training. This service is about bringing a partner to your idea and guiding you through these technologies. The WordPress world changes frequently and we believe the value of this training is only as good as the support thereafter.

Jack McLean Director"As a WordPress designer, developer and WordPress Agency director with years of experience training individuals and teams, I feel I have the ability to communicate these particular technologies in plain English. I have used those skills to great effect by providing WordPress training remotely to clients across the country. I am proud to overcome even the most steep learning curves by working closely with my clients and understanding their needs."

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