TalkTalk filtered access

The internet service provider TalkTalk has said customers will automatically receive filtered access to the internet unless they opt out.

In a blog post, TalkTalk said it would prompt customers to review their settings every 12 months.

Sky announced last week that it would also be activating filters for inappropriate content by default for all its customers.

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Gamergate abuse target starts help site

A games developer who had to leave her home after receiving threats at the height of the Gamergate furore has set up Gamergate Abuse Targeta support group for other victims.

Zoe Quinn said abuse online was seen as less serious than in the “real world”.

She said her group, Crash Override, helped people to prevent attacks online, as well as to deal with them when they did arise.

Caroline Criado-Perez, herself a victim of online abuse, said she would have “loved” such a service.


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Xbox, Sony hackers hit by hack attack

Hacking group Lizard Squad has been hit by an embarrassing attack that exposed the entire database of people who signed up to use its services.

The group claimed to have knocked the Xbox and PlayStation gaming networks offline over Christmas.   XBox Sony Hackers

Soon after, it set up a website that let anyone who paid use its software to deluge other sites with data.

The attack that exposed the customer list is one of several aimed at the group and its tools.

Investigative journalist Brian Krebs broke the news that the database behind the Lizard Stresser tool had been compromised. The Stresser let those who paid use it to overwhelm websites or kick people offline by bombarding the sites they were using with data.


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Gym Website Design & Development

Simon Harvey, the owner of Spalding-based Everybody’s Gym contacted us just before Christmas.  He shared with us hisEverybody's Gym - Trainers plans for a total re-design of his website.  Simon’s vision was to capture the very essence of what his gym has to offer in respect of being totally driven to provide an on-trend experience regardless of exercisers’ goals.

Officially founded in 1994, Everybody’s Gym has enjoyed helping thousands of local Spalding residents with their fitness goals. Privately owned for over 21 years the club has evolved at its town centre location to become the modern and extensive health club it is today.

Remaining independent has always allowed Everybody’s Gym to  cater for the health and fitness needs of Spalding exercisers.

Unique to Everybody’s Gym, members can show their gym card to get discounts at many local shops and services.

Between Drive By Websites & Everybody’s Gym, we think that the design of Simon’s new website is amazing – we hope you agree –

All websites designed and built by Drive By Websites are responsive which means that visitors to our clients sites have an optimal viewing experience.