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Over the years, its amazing how many biz owners website designers will have the privilege to meet.   Everything from hotel owners, training companies, plumbers and electricians, agricultural suppliers and gyms.

To be able to design a website for each and every business category, it goes without saying that its a prerequisite to not only get to know the owner of the business but also the very nature of what the business owner actually does. Its all interesting stuff but, on occasions, its information that could be a life saver literatally which leads on to a website we recently developed on behalf of D B Fire Safety Limited –

D B Fire Safety Limited

We met David a month or so ago.   We know now! but did you know that its a legal requirement for all businesses to appoint a responsible person, to carry out a fire risk assessment and to ensure that all staff receive training in general fire safety awareness?

David has over 21 years experience in the fire safety industry.  He  understands the difficulties you may find in navigating your way through the minefield that is fire safety legislation He provides businesses and organisations with comprehensive fire safety support without the pressure of trying to sell fire extinguishers or fire alarm systems!!

The support he provides is totally independent of any other commercial interests other than the provision of your fire risk assessment and the opportunity to train you and your staff in fire safety.

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All Local Businesses Will Have A Voice

National companies have a huge amount of selling power from their TV, newspaper and magazine advertising together with online marketing. It’s extremely difficult for the small business owner to compete.Keep trade local

According to the Federation of Small Businesses: “Small businesses are the heart of the local community. They generate wealth, employment and opportunity. Using independent businesses on and off the High Street brings growth and income to communities and celebrates the diversity that small independent businesses can deliver.”

Spalding Links is a community based platform which will include not only High Street local businesses but also local tradesmen, hairdressers, professional business owners not trading from the High Street – ALL local businesses will have a voice.

Spalding Links
The aim of Spalding Links is to encourage and empower, the consumer, to buy local and, in turn, contribute and make a positive impact on our local economy.

Together with an array of  businesses to browse, there will also be  events, job opportunities, deals & discounts, hints and tips penned by local people covering a wide-range of topics such as money matters, health & beauty, vets & pets, legal advice etc

The actual launch of Spalding Links will be January 2015.

To get a heads up before the launch, check out what Spalding Links has to offer the consumer and you, the business owner.

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