Charity Website Built On Behalf of Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust

Drive By Websites was delighted to be awarded the contract to build the website on behalf of the Charity; Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust. The website we designed is a multi-page, mobile friendly brochure style website which also includes a Community Events Calendar and a News (blog) page –

There are two chapels at Holbeach Cemetery. One is Church of England and the other is Non-Conformist. Both were built in 1854. The chapels are surrounded by a six acre cemetery.  There are also some very fine monuments commemorating some of the area’s leading families and figures. Funding has been made available to refurbish the buildings and to find a use for the chapels to benefit the whole community.


A visit to Holbeach Cemetery Chapels will also reward you with views of some splendid architecture and a reminder in respect of how lives and death were celebrated and dignified by our ancestors.


The work of the Charity relies on the support of volunteers.  The voluntary roles include:

  • Members of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee all working in a voluntary capacity
  • Volunteers who manage the administration and undertaking of the Holbeach Cemetery Research Group
  • Individual volunteers who help with one-off events such as the Heritage Open Day and/or The Great Big Community Textile Project
  • Volunteers who help with such things as event administration and fundraising

The Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust is funded by the Heritage Lottery, the Architectural Heritage Fund, Heritage Lincolnshire County Council and the Gedney Marsh Windcluster Fund.

For more information in respect of mobile friendly websites, please feel free to contact Spalding based Drive By Websites

Website Browsing With A Mobile Has Overtaken Desktop

christmasThe clocks have gone back and Christmas is just around the corner. Website browsing, which the writer of this blog can only imagine, is an activity which will be taking a lot more of your time right now.  With all those presents to buy, you will probably end up searching the internet for inspirational gift ideas on your Smart phone or tablet.

With the new figures just released demonstrate that it’s even more important to upgrade your website to a mobile friendly solution.  The new figures have revealed that Smartphones and tablets are now king as the share of desktop web browsing has shrunk to 48.7% (according to data provided by StatCounter –

If you’re running your own business, it’s easy to start to rest on the year’s successes at this time of the year. But as you are reading this blog, your competitors maybe stepping it up a gear and boosting their sales. Perhaps even by going mobile-friendly.

If you are a regular reader of Drive By Websites’ blogs, you will know how much we’ve stressed the importance of transferring websites to a mobile friendly solution. Google has continued to remind businesses that mobile friendly websites are the future, and therefore favoured by the search engine.

Drive By Websites is continuing to offer an affordable solution with prices from only £499 plus VAT for an optimised mobile-friendly website.