If you read nothing else, please read this advice ……

We are delighted to have attracted your attention because the following advice will be invaluable to improving your online presence during 2016 and beyond.

During the early days of the Internet, copying articles from other sources was enough to drive traffic to your website. Nowadays, you have to come up with something that’s completely original wording. Google has even set its bots on the hunt for ‘updated content’. This means that it’s not even enough to be completely original or feature rich, the content has to be consistently fresh to make it to the top.

Fresh content indicates an active company. You are actively increasing the percentage of returning visitors and decreasing your website’s bounce rate. What does this mean? Visitors to your website want more fresh and interesting content. If they don’t get want they want they leave which indicates a bounce rate to search engines and this will result in a negative rating.

During 2015, we discovered that blogs are the perfect marketing tool. Research has shown that businesses who regularly publish articles (blogs) on their websites can achieve up to 434% more indexed web pages. Meaning Google can’t get enough!

St Ann’s Sheet Metal in Nottingham is reaping the rewards by making good use of their blog.


Let’s go back to basics and check out your static pages (Home Page, About Us, Services, etc). These can be just as important, as they usually account for over 90% of your website’s visitors and will relish content rich updates.

As it’s now 2016, you maybe looking ahead to drive your business forward.  NOW is the time ask yourself “when the last time I updated my website?”

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